Harbin Weijie Welding Technology(HWW) Co Ltd was created on Feb 2017.  The purpose of the HWW is to introduce the advanced intelligent and efficient welding system to the China Welding industry.  So Far we have created very good relationship with foreign partners including Xiris Automation Inc at Canada and Oxford Sensors Ltd at UK. We successfully introduced the weld camera systems and laser based seam tracking system to the China welding industry including aerospace, airspace, airspace, railway vehicle, engineering vehicle, nuclear and power, and other welding automation systems. So far, more than 300 weld cameras were applied in the welding industry. 

Currently, our business are:

  1. Weld camera solution for arc welding and laser welding as well as cladding. 
  2. Laser vision based seam tracking and inspection system;
  3. Online parameter monitoring system;

If you are interested in cooperation, please contact:

Address: HIT National Science & Technology Park, 434 Youzheng St, Harbin 150001, China
Tel: +86 451 86223584
E-mail: info@wjweld.cn
Web site: https://wjweld.com